Case Study in Leadership

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George and his Management Style

Case Analysis :

The head of the evaluation division of a lending institution, Mr. George conducted a performance evaluation in an attempt to encourage his group to give their best output. Cecile, one of the senior analysts ended up the lowest, surpassed by the younger ones in spite of the fact that she was much more experienced with necessary training and background to be able to perform her tasks as a project evaluator and took Mr. George’s impression differently. Subsequently, upon noticing that there is no improvement in the past periods after evaluation, George become unapproachable which produce an undesired atmosphere and feeling of hostility among workers and management. Conversely, Cecile was least improved and worsened in the situation.

I. Viewpoint

Mr. George’s Viewpoint

II. Objectives

To bring back the desired psychological atmosphere in the office to the way it was before the performance evaluation was conducted

To reconcile his prior impression that was taken differently by one of the senior analyst, Cecile

To reestablish friendly relations between his group and bring back their trust

To find the best approach in encouraging his group to give their best output and contribute over good productivity

To make possible adjustments and strategy in improving himself and his style for the betterment of good leadership and management.

III. Statement of the Problem

What are the necessary steps George must do in order to save everything that was aggravated?

IV. Areas for Consideration

v The problem arose on the time the performance evaluation was made.

v Cecile ended up the lowest considering that she was much more experienced and had the necessary training and background to be able to perform her task as a project evaluator.

v Cecile took differently the impressions made by George to the group subsequent to the performance evaluation’s outcome

v Cecile became unreceptive to suggestions and comments made for the improvement of the group’s performance and end up contribute nothing to the group.

v Prior to sequels happened, the whole office was one big happy family.

v Upon noticing that there is no improvement made in the past periods after performance evaluation, George become unapproachable and started becoming easily irritated.

v Everyone in the office got the treatment they did not deserved and was treated the same way as the guilty one.

v George unapproachable style was met negatively and produced an undesirable atmosphere in the office which created a feeling of hostility among workers and management.

v Cecile least improved and was even worsened as a consequence of the negative response of George over low productivity and slowness.

v Everything was aggravated by the way George dealt with the problem.

V. Alternative Courses of Action

Analyze the situation and make judgments according to what is observed.


¨ Determination of the problem will be achieved and realization will take place.

¨ Further investigation to the events happened will be pointed out and will be given possible judgments.

¨ Judgments is certain from facts observed in the situation


¨ Analyzing the situation will be quite difficult and requires ample time of observation.

¨ There is a possibility that misinterpretations in analyzing the situation may arise.

¨ Making judgment according only to what is being observed may not as accurate as it is desired.

Eliminate the air of hostility by way of personal arrangement with his group so as to have clarification of the things that had happened.


¨ Hidden feelings within the group’s relationship will be uncovered....
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