Case Study in Apple

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“Remember the Apple”

I. Problem Statement
Apple Inc. is known for their innovative products, combining user-friendly technology and elegant design, Apple’s bite of the consumer electronics market has been getting a little larger year by year. The Apple brand is fun, unique, and memorable because it is such a departure from brands that sound serious and corporate. Apple’s Macintosh computers has always stood out because it looks different from other personal computers and relies on software that even novices can learn. IPod backed by music-driven advertising, the player with the white ear buds immediately became the product of choice for many consumers. Newer models such as the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch have continued the tradition of adding new features and updating the styling to make the product even more irresistible to current customers and to new buyers alike. IPhone, a new combination of mobile phone, iPod, and wireless Internet/e-mail appliance with a large, colourful touch screen for one-finger operation and accessories like the iPod’s well known white ear buds. Both sales revenues and profits are rising as Apple bites more deeply into the global market for personal computers, mobile phones, digital music players, and other electronics. How Apple Inc. will become the No. 1 technology company in the world?

II. Objectives
1. To be able to know why the customers choose Apple’s product in their own preference of laptops, cellular phone, Mp3 player (iPod Nano, iTouch and iPod) and tablets (iPad). 2. To be able to understand the essence of a logo in one’s company. 3. To be able to know what are the possible action of Apple Inc. and come up with a recommendation in order to become the No. 1 company in the world in terms in technology.

1. Apple Inc. should focus on advertising their products in order to grab customers. Pros: Advertising is one of the best options in order that a certain product will be known. In this action, Apple Inc. can indicate the features of their product (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTouch, and etcetera). And if they can make a good strategy of ads, the company has also a chance to attract a new customer. Cons: Advertising is costly because they just not limit their ads in TV but also they should enter into radio, magazines, news papers, billboards, and etcetera. Apple Inc. is an international company so they need to have different ads in every country.

2. Apple Inc. should develop innovative product and discover more possible technology. Pros: Since Apple Inc. is known for their innovative products, they need to discover new market or new set of innovative products so that people will be interested to Apple brand. They also need to develop their products in order to compete with the competitors. They will be on the top like what happened during they introduce iPod in the market. Ipod makes the Apple Inc. more popular and customers branded Apple as most innovative products. Apple Inc is a known brand they can easily attract customer to their new products and to their developed innovative products. Cons: Making new possible technology is costly because they need a lot of materials in order to discover new technology and they will also experience a trial and error. Having this kind of action is a risk taking action because they could fail anytime in inventing new technology. And if they would successfully achieve to discover new innovative products and introduce it to the market; there’s a chance that the customers might not like their new products.

3. Apple Inc. should build more retail stores of Apple across the world. Pros: Providing more retail stores of Apple across the world can provide great services to the customers. Customers will easily approach Apple Inc. if they have problems with Apple products. In this kind of situation, Apple Inc, can accommodate the customer if they have problems because they have many retail stores. Cons: This act is...
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