Case Study: Hindustan Computer Limited

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  • Published : October 9, 2011
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Case study: Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL Technologies)
1. He can learn from his experiences that a company needs to regularly revisit its strategy and that a CEO does not force its people but instead allows them to do the things they should be doing. Knowingly that people can become narrow-minded and preoccupied with their existing ideas, not recognizing for a need to change, Vineet Nayar must rally his people to new strategies. 2. I would advise Vineet Nayar that he needs to have strong conviction to clear the staff's doubt and questions that the company needs to have fundamental changes and maintains the changes as well. Vineet also had to find the desire within his staff to want to continuously learn and improve to help maintain the changes. 3. An increment of pay when a employee stays at the company over a specific period of time as well as the prospect of advancing their careers given the opportunity would be a great benefit and reward plan. Vineet Nayar can also employ employee’s grant of birthday gifts and medical coverage, and maybe annual travel packages for them. 4. Vineet Nayar should regularly organize top management meetings to discuss whether HCL Technologies is truly profiting and outshining their competitors in terms of marketing and customer satisfaction. He will also need to keep the morale of his employees high and build a team that shares his goals and visions. Summary

In conclusion, for a CEO of a company to thrive, he or she needs to continuously revise the company's strategy whether in the form of marketing or organizational, if they found that the current strategies are not working, they must be brave to change and adapt to the market. A CEO must also be able to motivate the employees with benefit and reward plans so that they are contented and able to fully commit to the company.
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