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Topics: Medicine, Physician, Health care Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Over the course of a year, Americans make over a billion health care visits. Each visit typically calls for your medical history, health conditions, allergies, prescription refills, and past doctor visits. The majority of medical records are currently paper-based, creating a bottleneck of communication between physicians. This can create a challenge when a doctor can’t obtain the necessary information needed to provide you with an adequate visit. Companies such as Microsoft, Revolution Health Group LLC., and Google are working to solve this issue. In 2008, Google launched an application called Google Health, a free application that stores user’s medical records using a standard format. When users start a profile with Google, they input all of their information which creates a “health profile,” which can be available to doctors and physicians to view and even change after a visit, thus eliminating the paper record. But when users start using a company like Google Health to store their medical records, their records can become exposed to unauthorized users and vulnerable to theft.

This case illustrates concepts such as accountability and responsibility. When users create a profile with Google Health, Google must ensure that the instruments that are designed and implemented in the application are doing what they were created to do. For example, if a security device within the application fails, Google Health is held accountable. Which leads to the responsibility held by Google Health in case something is to go wrong, then Google must accept the potential cost and obligations if something is to go wrong. Stakeholders risking exposure are patients, doctors and physicians, medical insurance providers, health-care companies, and recordkeeping companies such as Microsoft, Revolution Health Group, and Google Health.

The mission of the system is to make patients’ records more easily accessible and more complete to ease recordkeeping. Current records are paper-based...
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