Case Study Giganet

Topics: Initial public offering, Corporation, Chief executive officer Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Name: Chris RatliffSection #: 13

1. Use this sheet as the cover sheet.
2. Each question must begin on a new page.
3. There is no minimum length, remembering quality over quantity. 4. The analysis must be typed-double spaced.
5. Due date is Monday, March 14th at 3:00 PM and is due electronically (as an email attachment).

After reading the case…Imagine that you are CEO of GigaNet and must consider the following in trying to solve this dilemma. Questions:
1. Describe the current situation surrounding GigaNet?
2. What options are available to you? How does each of these options serve your personal interests, those of investors and those of employees? 3. What do you recommend be done in this situation? What is your rationale for choosing this one? Why weren’t the other ones chosen? Be specific…. 4. In pursuing your recommendation from Q3, what are your expected outcomes? What do you envision success looking like?

1) After an uncertain start, Giganet, a networking and switches technology company, is faced with an extremely tough situation that needs to be resolved within a few days. After many failed attempts to get quality investors interested in the company, Giganet finally gets Dell Computers interested in their product. This major breakthrough with a quality investor, leads to a series of successes, including offers from reputable investors like Meryll Lynch and General Electric to name a few. Initially they set out to raise $30 million in funds only to find that they had offers that reached $43 million. Chief Executive Officer, Neil Ferris, described that one point the situation excelled to a point where they “were actually fighting to keep investors away.” With investors in line to move forward with the company, Giganet was also prepared to make an initial public offering in the near future that would significantly increase this company’s value. Soon after a company called Emulex contacted...
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