Case Study for Student Analysis: Carl Robins

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  • Published : February 16, 2011
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Case Study: Carl Robins

Latisha Dow

COMM/215 Essentials of College Writing

Gayle Thomas

February 14, 2011

Case Study Page 2

My consulting company has been hired by ABC, Inc. to evaluate some problems involving management. Once the analysis is complete it will identify and recommend ways to improve the hiring process of ABC, Inc. During the recent hiring process several problems became apparent. Once my company gathered information from ABC, Inc. it was concluded that lack of planning skills and time management on behalf of the newly hired campus recruiter, Carl Robins resulted in not being able to hold the orientation at a specified time. My consulting company suggested that in order to reduce or eradicate the problems identified in this case, ABC, Inc. should provide everyone with a detailed outline of the hiring process and what the hiring process encompasses.


Carl Robins is a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. Carl has six months on the job and has successfully recruited 15 trainees in early April. Carl has scheduled his first new hire orientation for June and hopes to have the employees working by July. On May 15 Carl was contacted by Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor, about issues regarding the orientation. She wanted to make sure that the drug screening, schedule, manuals, physicals and host of other issues. Carl assured Monica that everything would be done but he procrastinated until the day after Memorial Day to get things for the orientation done. Carl had almost two weeks left until orientation and key things were not completed. Carl had not prepared the manuals and the training room had been booked until next month. Since Carl has procrastinated all of his efforts to conduct an employee orientation will encounter some unanticipated delays.

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Key Problems

Once the dynamics of the case were reviewed we noticed several key problems...
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