Case Study for Long Term Care

Topics: Nursing, Nursing home, Licensed practical nurse Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Hope is a long term healthcare facility that is currently accommodates 100 residents. Our mission is to provide high quality long term care; therefore it’s important to deal with the issues that won’t allow us to achieve our mission. As a human resource manager I would like to elaborate a few critical problems we are facing. It has been a while that hiring and retaining qualified staff remained an ongoing challenge. Our annual turnover rate is 40 percent. In addition we are dealing with aging workforce in our facility. Those with five or more years experience are 55 age and older are complaining about the high workload that is beyond their abilities. Recently the state Department of Health and the federal authorities for Medicare/Medicaid visited our facility. They have assessed that our residents are in danger of inadequate nursing staff-to resident ratios and lack of a qualified nutritional dietician. The facility has been given 90 days to increase staffing by eleven licensed nurse aides, three registered nurses and a registered clinical dietician. The survey team will return in 80 days, unannounced and if these deficiencies are not resolved, they will have no choice but to close the facility. The other challenge is competing with two hospitals in the community that are continually seeking the same types of health professionals. We should consider the fact that they have greater resources to attract and retain staff. Since we have only 80 day to recruit new staffs we need to come up with a short term plan that attract nurses to our facility and also a long term plan to retain staff. Our facility has been part of the community for nearly fifty years and has the advantage of an excellent reputation and community support. It is important to make an extra effort during these 90 days to keep our facility reputation. The human resources department has been assessing the issues and would like to propose some solutions to deal with the problems. We would like to...
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