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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Annotated Bibliography

Brookfield, S. D., & Holst, J. D. (2011). RADICALIZING LEARNING: ADULT EDUCATION FOR A JUST WORLD. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction on the field of adult education. It offers practices and ideas that can be used for leading and facilitating adult learning. It also calls for a rethinking of how adult learners should assess their effectiveness on learning. In addition, the author talks about how educators can help adult learners envision and enact the learning process.

I choose this book for three reasons: 1) It provides the information about what is adult learning, and my writing project will focus on the adult learning topic. So this book provides some basic theories and information that highly relevant to my topic. 2) It provides some tips for the educators on how to teach adult learners and how adult learner should do to learn more effectively. One of my concerns in my writing project will be how to be an effective learner, so the book may give me some insights about my concern. 3) It covers one chapter on globalization and adult learning. My writing project will also explore how an international student can get better education in a different country.

Drago-Severson, E. (2009). Leading Adult Learning: Supporting Adult Development in Our Schools. Thousand Oaks, CA: CORWIN & NSDC.

Leading Adult Learning provides practical insights on adult development. It also offers some models and theories for implementing a more effective adult learning process. The book also gives some real life cases to illustrate the practices mentioned in the book. It is not only a theoretical book, but also a practical guidebook for the teachers, educators, or trainers in this field.

I may focus on some of the chapters from the book, which talk about the new model of leadership for adult growth and learning. And the case studies in the book are also a good resource for me to explore the...
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