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Topics: Client-server, Server, Computer network Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Case Study, Stage 1|
Analysis and Recommendation|


Challenge/Opportunity Area for SUH

The SUH Corporation historically has enjoyed success based upon the efforts of its regional sales representatives. The case study dictates that the sales force currently utilizes individual laptops and does not have policies in place that govern information storage nor data replication. Additionally, the organization faces challenges when equipment reaches its life-cycle as well as when personnel must receive product training. Because SUH has recently acquired two organizations beneath it management umbrella and will be a sales based enterprise instead of a service-oriented venture, I selected sales support as the area of improvement. Recommendations

The first area that must be addressed through the use of recommendation in order to improve the productivity of the workforce is the implementation of a scalable foundation for the network infrastructure. The infrastructure could be created through the allocation the assets currently located at CarbonTech as the enterprise server farm. Next, the individual laptops, CarbonTech’s automated resources and any assets possessed by MyRentals will become clients of these devices. Because CarbonTech is resistant to change and has already established a robust infrastructure that has enabled it to be very profitable, all subordinate organizations will utilize the software environment established by CarbonTech. The use of assets already owned by the organization will significantly reduce the cost of implementation of a universal automated solution for the organization. In spite of the vast quantity of information detailing operations of client-server computing, there still remains confusion in defining what exactly constitutes the client and what constitutes the server within this concept. Both the client and server are software applications and not the hardware components or platforms upon which the code is...
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