Case Study: Effective Implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Employment Scheme in UP

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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1. Title of the study: A Study to assess the effective implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Employment Scheme (MGNREGS) in Rahpura Ganimat village, Distt. Bareilly, UP.

2. General Introduction: The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is an Indian job guarantee scheme, enacted by legislation on August 25, 2005. The scheme provides a legal guarantee for one hundred days of employment in every financial year to adult members of any rural household willing to do public work-related unskilled manual work. This act was introduced with an aim of improving the purchasing power of the rural people, primarily semi or un-skilled work to people living in rural India, whether or not they are below the poverty line. Around one-third of the stipulated work force is women. 3. Statement of the problem: MGNREGA is one the biggest programme of Govt. of India to provide job guarantee to the people of India who are willing to do unskilled manual work. This study is conducted in Rahpura Ganimat Village, Block Damkhoda, Distt. Bareilly, UP to assess the effective implementation of MGNREGA and the engagement of the people in this scheme. Most of the people do not know about MGNREGA is a guaranteed scheme and provide unemployment allowance in absence of work. MGNREGA ensures one third participation of the women in this scheme but in Rahpura Ganimat women are not participating in this scheme as Act defined.

4. Field of the study: This study has been conducted in Rahpura Ganimat Village. Rahpura Ganimat is a village located in the Bareilly district of Uttar-Pradesh state. The Total Adult population of the village is 2317. In which male population is 1260 and female population is 1057. This village is dominating by muslims with more than 70% population. Rahpura Ganimat has mainly OBCs, SCs and General castes.

5. Objective of the Study:

a. Specific objectives:
* To assess the...
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