Case Study Ebay Strategy in China

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Safety, Hazard Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: January 2, 2012

Basics of Occupational Safety, in my opinion could be explained as most important steps of identifying, recognizing, avoiding, controling and methods of protection from risks and other possible factors that can affect our  physical and emotional health. Occupational safety consists from our personal safety and of those who surround us. To be away of accidents and other harmful factors we should be first an informed person over potential risks, ways of avoiding it and of course methods of helping each other or our self in case we are in a risky situation. Information is available everywhere is just important to know which one is a correct information helping you to have correct steps of protection yourself and which one is a incorrect one. A correct information is the that one approved by law and proved in practice.

Accidents and prevention

Accidents and risks are everywhere and no one can protect you form a potential accident that yourself. Nature is unpredictable and everybody has their one destiny. But by being an informed person you get power on controlling situations and avoiding risk from your life. An accident if a factor which can provoke harm to you health or take your life for good. There is always ways of avoiding accidents and those who care about their life will do all possible to survive it and get form it at least alive if is not possible to avoid wounds and broken bones.   In my opinion to avoid an accident is:

1. Knowing the rules of working place or transportation rules and respect them 2. being informed on potential risks places and better to avoid them 3. have an idea of according first aid in case of possible accidents 4. be protected with special suits, glows etc., if working area is in possible risk all time 5. know where is urgent exit doors form buildings in case of risks 6. know where are urgent buttons

7. where is the specialized room for accident cases which have all necessary...
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