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Communication Barriers in DUBAI Police Department|
Case Study|


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Communication Barriers in DUBAI Police Department Dubai Police Department is an integral part of the Dubai Police Force. Dubai Police Department was established on 1st June 1956. There are more than fifteen thousand employees working under the Dubai Police Force across Dubai City. The General Department of Administrative Affairs is one of the most appreciated and admired security establishments under the Dubai Police Department. The GDAA is a link between the Dubai Police Headquarters, General Departments, and Police Stations on one hand, and the Federal Ministers; Government Departments and the private sectors on the other hand. The Department offers legal consultations; preparation of statistical and cognitive studies, data collection and analysis, preparation of annual reports, and managing medical and travel services record of Dubai Police Force Employees. One day Mr. Kabir came to work and became furious when he was rebuked by his senior Mr. Abdul for the reason that the receptionist, Miss Ann who is responsible for the centralized communication in the department has miss communicated some information to Mr. Kabir. Mr. Abdul is the General of the GDAA (The General Department of Administrative Affairs) organization under the Dubai Police Department. Mr. Kabir is a 32 year old Deputy in The General Department of Administrative Affairs. He is responsible for supervising and managing all the activities in the department. Kabir tries his best to keep up with the administrative issues in the police department. The present communication system prevailing in the Department is the verbal communication system which takes over the phone. The message is conveyed from the receptionist to the receiver by telephone. If the receiver is not available to attend the calls, the receptionist is responsible for making a note of the information and surpassing the information to the concerned receiver of the calls. Kabir got frustrated and got notion to put in the modern digital system for effective communication across the department. He acquired all the officers’ acceptance for the program. The system was responsible for facilitating the services like electronic transfer of calls, calls recovery, messages recovery, auto answering options etc. Miss Ann was trained and made responsible to supervise and manage the efficient functioning of the digital communication system in the department. In the month – end meeting of the officers of the department, Ann declared that the efficiency of the department had increased due to the increase in accessibility of the information hub which was made possible with the help of the technological integration in the department. The personnel no longer felt the need to depend on the receptionist to access the information required. Moreover the communication between people also improved and the updates could be gathered faster. (Call Express Case Study)

The public administration of any country or region is responsible for the effectiveness in the overall functioning of the governmental departments and agencies. Department of Police (About US) is designated so as to practice the laws and by making legitimized use of force. The Police Services are defined in a legal area of responsibility. The Dubai Police Department is a well established and admired body within the public administration of the country and is chaired by the ruler – Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum. Bearing this in mind, one of the key public administration departments pertains to the maintenance of law and order and ensuring...
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