Case Study: Dhl Bangladesh

Topics: Management, Pakistan, Region Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Case Study 5: DHL Bangladesh
1. What advantages and disadvantages associated with a matrix structure does this case reveal? The matrix structure of DHL lends many advantages and disadvantages to DHL. One advantage can be seen in the ability for DHL to accomplish pockets of business via the geographic settings through specific output groups to handle the diversity of business available for DHL. It keeps the different partitions of business in scope of how to best service each geographic region and allow for a leadership support structure to reign over each pocket to provide a unify management system, guidance, and leadership for the different portions of business. The other advantage of the matrix structure is that it allows for a check and balance process for the different groups for DHL to ensure the best overall company structure is established. The disadvantages of having this type of matrix structure is that the section of business has its own agenda and process in how it executes it business model along with difference nuisances and strategies that go with it. When this type of segregation occurs it limits the ability for one area to adapt to another as evidence the HRIS modification that DHLB would have to undergo from the DHL Pakistani to utilize its system. It also builds improper alliance with position of power that limits the reach of voice to communicate feedback or opinion because of fear of backlash. The flow of ideas and best practices is also limited by the barriers of the matrix structure as it keeps each party in their own circle. 2. For Nural, identify the advantages and disadvantages for the three options: (1) proceeding with DHL Pakistan’s HRIS, (2) proceedings with a local Bangladesh vendor, and (3) negotiating with regional HQ. A. Proceeding with DHL Pakistan’s HRIS - The advantage of using this system would allow for all of DHL to be under one system and streamline the support team to operate under one team versus having...
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