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Raul García
Gustavo Victoria
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Crepes & Waffles a chain of restaurants born of the idea of two young business administration university students, Beatriz Fernandez and Eduardo Macia, who had the vision to create a business in which they only believed. “We are not in the food business but rather in the business of art. Our job is to interpret our client’s dreams and make them come true” 1

Be an admired company for serving healthy art with love and joy at reasonable prices. Vision
Be the leader in its industry promoting a sense of ownership among its customers, employees, and the community in general Crepes & Waffles was born as a business idea aiming to generate revenue and profits and later on incorporated the concept of social responsibility related to hiring unwed mothers thus contributing to advancing society. C&W believes in the responsibility that women hold for the wellbeing of their families thus society in general. 1.

"Colombia has the face of a woman, and that I see reflected in each of the approximately 3.000 women that come in to work to our restaurants early every morning giving their full selves in order to be able to raise their children and their families. Many of these women are head of households raising children by themselves as a result of the violence that has plagued Colombia in the past decades as well as due to personal situations”2


The idea to open a restaurant was born while Beatriz and Eduardo took a six month trip as back-packers to Europe while they were in their third year of college. In 1980, they opened their first restaurant in Bogotá, Colombia in a small rustic French-style creperie, with a wooden bar and a young, fresh and informal environment. It was as simple and attractive as its menu. The menu was made of a piece of wood that contained the different types of crepes, waffles and ice creams. Two years later, in 1982, they opened a second restaurant in Bogota´s International center. As the target customers in this location were executives, C&W produced their first formal menu which started to evolve as the customers´ needs required. A time line of opening restaurants:

Year Opened| City| Number of Restaurants | 1980| Bogota, Colombia| 35 restaurants, 35 ice cream parlors| | Medellin, Colombia| 13 restaurants, 6 ice cream parlors| 1992| Cali, Colombia| 6 restaurants, 4 ice cream parlors| | Barranquilla, Colombia| 3 restaurants, 3 ice cream parlors| | Pereira, Colombia| 2 restaurants, 2 ice cream parlors| | Bucaramanga, Colombia| 2 restaurants, 3 ice cream parlors| | Panama City, Panama| 3 restaurants|

| Mexico City| 5 restaurants|
| Caracas, Venezuela| 1 restaurants|
2. waffles-tiene-rostro-de-mujer_114384.php

1995| Quito, Ecuador| 5 restaurants, 4 ice cream parlors| | Lima, Peru| 4 restaurants, 1 ice cream parlor|
2001| Madrid, Spain| 2 restaurants|
2009| Sao Paulo, Brazil| 2 restaurants, 2 ice cream parlors|

As a result of McDonald´s entering Colombia in 1995, C&W reassessed its strategy and decided to take further distance from the fast food segment by position itself as a more upscale restaurant.


C&W has a unique value proposition based on a holistic customer experience including a differentiated menu, a pleasant ambiance, superior quality and service at reasonable prices. C&W targets the mid price segment.

Competitors| Ambience| Differentiated Menu| Quality| Price| Service| Total| C&W| 5| 5| 4| 4| 4| 22|
Archies| 5| 4| 4| 4| 4| 21|
El Corral| 3| 3| 4| 4| 5| 19|
Karens| 4| 4| 4| 4| 5| 21|
Kokoriko| 3| 3| 3| 3|...
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