Case Study - Constitution

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  • Published : April 18, 2007
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It is February 1787, a very chilly afternoon in Mount Vernon, Virginia. George Washington was outside his cabin chopping cherry trees with his hatchet, as a hobby. He took the wood and cherries home to his wife and two adopted kids. Sadly, he couldn't fully enjoy the cherries as any person would because he had dentures. His dentures weren't made of wood, as the popular rumor believed. They were instead more uncomfortable than wood. They were made of cow's teeth, human teeth, and elephant ivory set in a lead base with springs so he could open and close his mouth. The dentures fitted poorly and distorted the shape of his mouth. Being land rich, he used the wood for warmth and to build his own city in Pennsylvania, which he named Cherry Hill. Besides being a carpenter, he was also a surveyor, farmer, and solider. On his way home, he realized that although he just lead the United States to victory from the British, his work wasn't done. George Washington went home and invited representatives from the thirteen states to help him revise the Articles of Confederation for a better federal government. The Articles were known as a "league of friendship" and they didn't provide for any type of effective power in a central government. The Articles led to problems and left the central government to regulate commerce between states, settles disputes, deal with foreign governments. They also didn't have power to levy taxes, enforce its decisions, manage the country's economic problems, or have an army. This meant that the country was weak and was bound to disasters. In May, representatives were to meet in Washington's newly built meeting house in Philadelphia. All the states sent delegates to represent the state besides Rhode Island. 55 delegates showed up and they began to draft the new document, later known as the Constitution. The Constitutional Convention met for 4 months and because of the poor weather and the travel was bad, an average of 35 delegates were present during...
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