Case Study - Cirque Du Soleil

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  • Topic: Cirque du Soleil, Istanbul, Turkey
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  • Published : February 2, 2012
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Case study: Cirque du Soleil

SWOT analysis:

* Very methodical approach of each project.
* Planning process
* Very efficient
* Planning strategy starts 3-5 years before the event
* Administrative side very accurate:
* Detailed nomenclature on setup and tear-down tasks: everything must be done in a precise order, because tasks can only carried out once others have been completed. Nomenclature allows the company to ensure the proper packing and labelling of goods. * Speed and efficiency of each show is transferred from one site to another (Efficient dimanstle, repack and re-installation). * Technology management allows them to reduce setup time by 25% (created an environment adapted to its own needs): computing hardware, communication by optic fibres and satellite… * Young, dynamic, passionate, adventurous, creative and open-minded entrepreuners. * Creativity of logistics professionals to apply the right logistic management (Professional planners and logistician). * High linguistic competencies allowing the company to deal efficiently with all aspects of logistics when moving from one city to another. * Team work and intense collaboration with numerous internal and external stakeholders, for example business partners representing precious allies. * Strong reputation on a global scale.

* Dependence on the weather conditions – implying show cancellation, and thus resulting in a complete write-off because of the impossibility to reschedule a cancelled show. * Very high fixed costs; it makes profits only if the number of tickets sold exceed the overall costs. * Specialized equiment is very expensive.

* Dependence on the communication infrastructures of the countries (particularly for ticketing systems). * Dependence on different customs formalities before entering and leaving each countries. * Complexity of the dimensions, fragility and weight of the material....
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