Case Study Chapter 1

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  • Published : April 8, 2012
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1. What skills does Black think employees need to work successfully in the area of HR?
According to the text; the ideal characteristics of employees in the area of HR that they should be commercial, challenging, and focused on delivery and excellence (Bohlander). They must understand change and transformation, excel at operations and balance tactical and strategic thinking and acting. They should be able to manage and navigate organization complexity and ambiguities and not to be afraid to say no occasionally in order to establish appropriate boundaries with the business.

2. What are some of the outcomes of the company's new HR strategy? The company accomplished many things with the new HR strategy. They changed the employee perception of HR, employees started appreciating the transparency of the employer/employee relationship. The company also gained recognition outside the firm, the company was between the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2011 and was also Top 40 Business Brands.

3. What do you think might be some of the challenges of establishing HR policies for a global company?
There are many challenges when establishing HR polices for a global company. Some of the challenges is the different geographies, culture, employment laws, employee compensation and benefits, taxes and business practices.

Creating a global mind-set within the HR group, creating practices that will be consistently applied in different locations/offices while also maintaining the various local cultures and practices, and communicating a consistent corporate culture across the entire organization.

4. What types of situations do you think might require an HR manager to say "no"?
I think the hr manager should say no, when the employees are requesting things that go against the company policies.

1.Evaluate the conduct of Peter Lewiston against the EEOC's definition of sexual harassment.
EEOC definition of sexual harassment is "unwelcome advances,...
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