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Topics: Louisiana, Oil spill, Petroleum Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: April 27, 2013
On April 4, 2010 a huge explosion of the Deep Horizon oil rig occurred in the Gulf of Mexico Near Louisiana. Fifteen out the of one hundred fifty men who were on board were injured. Approximately two days later, the rig sang and oil began spewing. The oil leaked for over one hundred days. The BP oil disaster in the gulf has posed a threat on the people and the environment that surround the oil spill. The effects of offshore drilling can be catastrophic, especially after seeing what has happened in the Gulf. There are many concerns that come to mind to when thinking about whether it is okay to drill off shore knowing that the effects are harmful to the ecosystems that are living under the rig, and surrounding it. Just from drilling alone we are polluting the water with different toxins that are killing off most of the marine animals. Research sponsored by the U.S. government is discussed regarding submerged clouds of small oil droplets. The potential poisonous effects of these droplets on deep ocean creatures are causing them to die and poison the ocean.

BP Exploration and Production Inc. has the capability to respond, to the maximum extent practicable, to a worst case discharge, or a substantial threat of such a discharge, resulting from the activities proposed in our Exploration Plan," the oil giant stated in its Deepwater Horizon plan. In the spill scenarios detailed in the Deepwater Horizon Plan, fish, marine mammals and birds escape serious harm; beaches remain pristine; water quality is only a temporary problem. And those are the projections for a leak about 10 times worse than what has been calculated for the ongoing disaster.

BP's plans have fallen short, Beaches where oil washed up within weeks of a spill were supposed to be safe from contamination because BP promised it could marshal more than enough boats to scoop up all the oil before any deepwater spill could reach shore - a claim that in retrospect seems absurd.

In early...
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