“Case Study-Big Changes for the Small Hospital”

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This case is story of big changes for a Small Hospital.
Story is rounded around F .NICHOLAS JACOBS. He started work for small hospital named as Windber Medical center facility as a president. Firstly he was dread when he entered in new environment. Then he started to work under their culture. He was discussed with employees and community. Taken idea about people who are directly and indirectly involved with hospital. Then he provides authority to seniors of hospital for improvement. He made a community center that would allow members of community to ask health related question with professionals. Under Jacobs’s leadership Windber has established an affiliation with the Planetree treatment system, which integrates meditation, massage, music and other holistic methods in to traditional health care. Now Windber’s wellness center which offers fitness training, yoga and acupuncture. Very soon they stated to generate profit. Infrastructure are renewed, no of employees are increased. Finally the winder research institute, Windber’s heart disease reversal program has treated about 250 patients.


The issues that Jacobs noticed in the situation of the small scale hospitals in the industry were: •The employees were paid 30% less than their counterparts. •Lack of infrastructure and facilities.

Decreasing financial resources.
Changing orientation of customer demands from traditional hospital facilities to the modernized facilities which include massage, music, and other holistic methods of health care. •The employees interest were not in line with the company’s orientation in those changing times.

Changes brought by Jacobs in the company and surrounding:
He introduced the “preventive care” philosophy for the society and the hospital both. As he realized that keeping people in the community both physically and mentally healthy also meant financially heath of hospital. •Windber established an affiliation with the Plantree treatment system under Jacobs leadership. •It integrated meditation, music, and other holistic methods of health care. •Windber introduced its wellness centre with facilities of fitness training, yoga, acupuncture and other treatments fetching hugev returns. •He promoted the situational requirement of keeping self fit and healthy rather than just taking medical aids. •Structural renovation of the hospital was also done with more greener and fresh environment. •Jacobs recruited former hotel manager to oversee food services and staff doubled to 450 employees and improved the pay. Windber also opened its own research institute and heart disease reversal programs treating around 250 patients.   GROUP ANALYSIS

Nick Jacobs is president and CEO of Windber Research Institute and Windber Medical Center of Windber. About Windber and Jacobs
The hospital is 101 years old, started especially as a hospital to take care of the coal miners for the 40+ coal mines of the Berwind-White Coal Company. The commitment was made by Jacobs that this hospital would be one of the most outstanding in the US.

For the first 40 years, the starting physicians were innovators, to the point they held numerous patents and successes. When he came to that, the hospital had been given a death certificate by Ernst and Young. That gave him a chance to challenge board. He told them, "We can let it go, or we can try to go back to innovation and technical advancement and high-touch care." Having interviewed at Boys Town Hospital in Omaha in 1992, he got to a hospital that looked like Windber but was called National Research Hospital.

Hospital’s IT systems and Jacob’s role in strategic plan.

Because of the system that they’ve put together, they have interest from all over the world, except in the US. Go to the Netherlands, there are eight academic medical centers cooperating, but they didn’t have tools to mine...
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