Case Study Assignment: Part Two-Gen 280

Topics: Chief executive officer, New product development, Management Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Case Study Assignment: Part Two

University of Phoenix


November 2011

Babette Saenz

Case Study Assignment
AcuScan, Inc makers of the Iscanner have been losing up to 40% market share in current and emerging markets. The company has not developed any new products in over 10 years. To remedy this situation the Chief Executive Officer Cliff O’ Connor has hired Pat Lambert as the new Director of Marketing to work with Chris Martinas to head of product development to come up with a new product. The product needs to be released by 1 August to beat the competition to market. There is resistance to the development of the new product primarily by Kelly Thomas the Senior Engineer. He is stating various reason why the product cannot be made and why the 1 August date is unrealistic (University of Phoenix, 2003). Summary of the situation

As a result of AcuScan not releasing any new product in the last 10 years the company is losing market share. The previous year the company had to let go of 500 employees and revamped its supply chain management to reduce costs. But based on this year’s numbers the company will have to reduce cost by a further 15%. To help the company Cliff O’ Connor has hired Pat Lambert to work with Product development to create a new product that will expand into new markets. The product that Pat Lambert and Chris Martinas have come up with “Operation Optimize” that will use iScanner technology and equipment in a retail setting. Some of the upper management believes that this new product could mean the survival of the company, but the Senior Engineer is uncooperative and combative, he is holding up the development of the product, in the meantime precious time is being lost (University of Phoenix, 2003). Key Points Relating to the Situation

Cliff O’ Connor has asked the top management to reduce budgets by 15% in the upcoming quarter but has left leaving the decisions of how the budget cuts...
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