Case Study Assignment

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Case Study Assignment

1. Andrew’s Strengths and Challenges:
a. Communication
Strengths: According to Andrew’s developmental history, he did not talk until he was three years of age, but once he hit this age he was able to start talking in full sentences. He specifically can talk about topics of interest such as animals and his verbal comprehension appears to be in the average range (according to data from the WISC-IV). Challenges: Andrew struggles to speak in an appropriate tone of voice and appropriately telling you what he thinks if you have treated him unfairly. The school feels that Andrew should receive speech therapy but his parents have discontinued the services. In addition, during a classroom observation, it was noted that Andrew talked out of turn and argued with his teacher. b. Social Interaction

Strengths: Although it was considered to be off-task, Andrew was able to communicate with a girl in the class during an observation by writing on the small dry erase board that he has. It appears that Andrew is able to communicate and interact with his peers, but lacks the ability to do so in an appropriate manner. Challenges: According to the Social Skills Rating System, Andrew showed deficits in controlling his temper when arguing with other children, controlling his temper in conflict situations with peers, and compromising in conflict situations by changing own ideas to reach an agreement. Andrew has been observed in argument with his teacher and during an observation during recess, did not interact with any of the other students. It appears that Andrew’s inclination towards special topics (animals) could be impeding in the success of formation of appropriate social interactions. c. Play

Strengths: Andrew loves to play with Legos and can hold focus during this activity for periods of time (hours on end). In addition, he also enjoys playing with Bionicles and likes to draw and create things. He is able to play basketball; which...