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Topics: Grief, Assisted living, Judaism Pages: 4 (1139 words) Published: February 8, 2013
I. Identifying and Demographic Information
Mrs. G is an eighty-six year old Caucasian woman of Jewish descent and faith. She is approximately five feet tall and dresses impeccably. She is widowed and currently lives in an assisted living facility. Prior to retirement, Mrs. G worked as a secretary in a law firm for twenty years and experienced an upper-middle class status throughout her life. Mrs. G is articulate and insightful, but speaks slowly and without much inflection. II.Presenting Problem or Concern

Mrs. G seeks bereavement services following the death of her husband. Mrs. G has a decrease in appetite and has reported losing seventeen pounds since her husband’s death and is currently having her weight monitored by the doctor. She has been diagnosed with ‘temporal arteritis ‘and is deeply concerned about losing her sight due to this. Mrs. G has been prescribed Prednisone for the arteritis and has been experiencing the side effects of thinning of the skin, leading to tears and sores. Mrs. G suffers from osteoarthritis and needs a cane to walk. In 1994, she was hospitalized with sciatica, which continues to be a problem for her. She has decreased motivation to do the things she used to enjoy and reports having a lack of energy and is having difficulty sleeping, sometimes only managing two hours a night. She emotionally relays how much she misses her husband and is taking Zoloft, which she states is helping “somewhat”. III. Strengths and Resources

Mrs. G is actively grieving the loss of husband. Her reality testing, judgment, impulsivity and thoughts processes are well- developed and she appears to have a strong sense of reality of herself and of the world. She is aware of the resources available in the community and is particularly familiar with HGS bereavement services. Mrs. G recounts partaking in many of the rites and ceremonies of the Jewish faith, which she states helped her during her grief of burying her husband. She is supported by the Jewish...
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