Case Study: Asiatic Marketing Communication Limited

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Giant Marketing Bangladesh – An Agency

With an Insight into Lux Channel i Superstar 2008

An Internship Report for the Fulfilment of Requirements for the Degree in

Bachelor of Social Sciences

Rayana Rahman


Date: November 26th ‘08

Asiatic Marketing Communications Limited – An Agency

With an Insight into Lux Channel i Superstar 2008

Approved: November 2008

Aditi Ahmed


Prepared for:

Dr. G.M. Shahidul Alam

Head of Media and Communication

Department of Media and Communication

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Independent University Bangladesh


I would first like to thank Mr. Aly Zaker and Mr. Ferdous Hasan Neville for appointing me with the position as an intern and for accepting me as part of a team. My special thanks goes to the entire Lux team at Asiatic MCL – Mr. Sayeem Mohammad and Mr. Masum Chowdhury of Asiatic Events, Mr. Imran Kabir of Asiatic Creative for his unmatchable skills at art and design, Mr. Aditya Kabir of MRC-Mode for helping me sort out the Asiatic structure and for his endless support. I would also like to thank Ms. Rashika Osman, Ms. Meher Noor, Ms. Zilqarar M. Chowdhury and Mr. Hasib Ekram for befriending me and teaching me the ropes of an advertising agency. A special thanks to Dr. G. M. Shahidul Alam, my adviser and Head of Media and Communication, Independent University Bangladesh, for guiding and pushing me through this report. Last but not least, my utmost gratitude and thanks goes to Ms. Rubaiyat Razzaque, my supervisor and Senior Brand Manager of Lux at Asiatic JWT, for being a mentor and a good friend.


This report is designed to provide as much information as possible about the general activities of an advertising agency in Bangladesh. The information and data has been collected by means of participant observation and informal discussions with the staff at AMCL.

As part of an activation team for a campaign called Lux Channel i Spuerstar, I had the opportunity to observe the organization and construction of a large-scale event. It gave me an insight into the decision-making process, problem-solving and dealing with second and third parties involved in the operation. The report includes theoretical frameworks, which Lux Channel i Superstar had adopted for its themes and implementation. The report has also attempted to highlight the problems faced in operating a somewhat controversial campaign such as Lux Channel i Superstar, and it also emphasizes on how and why it is still operational. A section of the report is dedicated to the structure of AMCL, followed by a case study on Lux Channel i Superstar. Bangladesh is regarded as outmoded in terms of media, and the report will attempt to leave the judgment to the reader keeping Lux Channel i Superstar in perspective.


1. Chapter I

A. Introduction........7

B. Internship Objectives.......8

C. A Brief History on Advertising......9

2. Chapter II

A. Asiatic Marketing Communication Limited –

Brief History & Structure....12

B. Structure.........18

3. Chapter III

A. Literature Review.......33

B. Theory in Motion.......39

C. Methodology........43

4. Chapter IV

Lux Channel i Superstar (LCSS) – A Study....44

5. Chapter V


• References.........61

• Intern’s Log........62

➢ List of Timetables:

▪ Table 1 – FCB Grid......36

▪ Table 2 – Episode Content Meeting Minutes..End of Report

▪ Table 3 – Camp Routine.....End of Report

▪ Table 4 – Episode Timetable....End of Report...
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