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Case Study Analysis –

Company History
Zillow is a company running an online website for homeowners, buyers, sellers etc. that who are interesting in real estate. It help the user with providing a free estimate value on the property. Zillow was found by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, both of who have previous experience in the Expedia. The Zillow has been named after combining two words, “pillow” where lay your head at night and “zillions” which number of data points the company wish to provide.

Zillow was started at 2004 and it filed go to public on 2011. It covers for more than 70 million homes all over the America with convenient operation easily to find out the market value and estimate rental on a satellite map. To find all of these information only need to put in the address information on the company’s website where there’s a search engine. Not only all the records about the house such as photos and purchase and sale data and rental price estimates, but also the website will provide listings and neighborhood information to generate a general and scrutiny look at every house that list on the website.

As the housing has yet to recover from the economic downturn there’s much doubt about the performance of Zillow. The price of Zillow has brought a slight uptick while the first half of the 2010, since then market turns to depressed. The large amount which Zillow has raised from the IPO market is about 69$ million that the Zillow use it as fund and investments as the complement of its own business. (

The revenues of Zillow become $30.5 million 2010 which had a great growth from $17.5 million in 2009. Even though the economic downturn has great effect on the company, Zillow has attracted more visitors on the website which helps the company come though the depression. It has more than 12 million monthly unique users in the last three months of 2010 which has increased 65% from the same period in 2009. (

The display advertising is the most important part of Zillow’s business income which has occupied 56% to its total revenue. However the fees and subscription sales to lenders and agents are becoming a more important source of revenue. The company's Zillow Mortgage Marketplace connects borrowers with verified and rated lenders, while its Premier Agent program provides a directory of real estate agents. Together these products are classified as marketplace revenues, and accounted for more than 40% of sales in 2010 (up from about 20% in 2009 and 1% in 2008). (

Zillow is build up partnerships with more companies thought it attempting to expanding its business market and customers. In 2011, Zillow has accomplished a deal with Yahoo! though which it places home listings and ads from local real estate brokers on Yahoo!. Later in 2011 Zillow acquired the Postlet, a real estate agent and rental property manager marketing service. It is a platform for agent, managers or landlords of the property to post listings on real estate and social media sites on the internet. Furthermore, Zillow has released an app on the website of App store, which could help customers easily access information on the Zillow, not only the user of Apple but also other company’s product, Android and Blackberry. ( .

Zillow released Zillow Advice, allowing people to ask questions and get answers about the real estate online from the group of experts in the field on December 16, 2008. Zillow Advice, linked through a tab on Zillow's homepage, lets users tag questions by topic or geographic area. Users can tag questions by state, city or neighborhood; search questions and discussions by key word; and can note the "best answer" they get. Experts whose answers are frequently voted the best earn points towards a "Local Expert" badge. Professionals also can subscribe to specific locations or topics in their area of expertise,...
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