Case Study Analysis Rough Draft

Topics: Employment, Drug test, Conference hall Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Case Study Analysis Paper (Rough Draft)

Case Study Analysis Paper (Rough Draft)
How do you make sure that you are prepared early so that you are not running around at the last minute? Many people work at different skill levels and also can handle pressure differently. In order to ease the process it is usually better to keep ahead by preparing the things that are needed in advanced rather than waiting till the last minute. Knowing these types of skills also allows for people to work with less stress since they do not have to meet a deadline so quickly and have time to fully research what is needed to be done. The Situation In early April the 15 candidates were hired to work for the Operations Supervisor by one of the new recruiters. At this time the recruiter had six months experience at this job and no previous recruitments done for the company. The recruiter was not working with another recruiter that had more experience at the time to help with this process. Once the 15 candidates where hired he scheduled a new hire orientation to be held on June 15th as to make sure the new hires would be ready for work in July. A little over a month after the 15 candidates were hired the Operations Supervisor contacted the recruiter about all the information, paperwork and other necessities that needed to be done such as drug test, physicals, etc…. The recruiter gave assurance to the Operations Supervisor that everything would be handled by the time the orientation would be held on June 15th. The recruiter waited until after Memorial Day to check the records for the new hires to see if their applications were complete and if they had done the mandatory drug screenings and most had not been done. The recruiter then checked for the paperwork that would need to be given to the new hires in around 20 days and there were only three manuals all of which were missing pages making none of them complete. Once this was all the seen the...
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