Case Study Analysis Paper

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  • Published : August 9, 2010
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Case Study Analysis Paper
Bob Harper
University of Phoenix
Essentials of College Writing
April Adams, PhD
June 27, 2010

This case analysis paper; will go over the issues found in a recruiting process made by Carl Robins. Due to the lack of training given to Carl when he started, he was unable to complete his job successfully. Background

ABC, Inc. just hired this new recruiter about six months ago named Carl, who was completing the work needed to start his first set of new hires in April. Most of the administration was proud of him because this was his first recruitment effort, and he was able to hire on 15 new employees for Monica Carrolls, the Operation Supervisor at the company. He scheduled the new-hire training to take place in July in the training room. He thought everything was going great. He even assured Monica, when she contacted him on June 15th, that everything that was needed to have the new hire ready would be complete on time. Well when Carl came back to work after Memorial Day, he went into the training file to finalize everything when he realized that some of the new trainees did not have the applications completed and not all their transcripts were on file. He also realized that none of the trainees had been sent to the clinic to have their drug screening complete. Then, just to make things worse, he noticed that he had only three orientation manuals and there were some sheets missing out of them. This did not put him in a good place. So Carl decided to go to the training room to see if any of the orientation manuals were in there. When he went there he noticed that Joe, from technology services, setting up computers for training on new database software that would continue through the new hire training. So Carl had two huge issues to deal with, missing paperwork and two trainings scheduled at the same time in the training room. Key Issues

Here are my views on everything. First of all, I could understand one, maybe two...
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