Case Study Analysis Paper

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Case Study Analysis Paper

In the case of ABC Inc. and their new campus recruiter, Carl Robbins, it’s very clear that ABC Inc. needs to improve their current hiring process and training orientation procedures. He was not given the proper tools to help guarantee a smooth and successful first recruitment effort. The follow up by his supervisor, Monica Carrols, was inadequate or did not take place at all. If Ms. Carrols had been checking on Carl’s progress on a consistent basis then the hiring debacle could have been avoided in the first place. The person tasked with maintaining the training room schedule is also very ill equipped to do their job. When Carl learns that the training room is double-booked for the month of June, it is apparent that there is no organization to the booking process or any redundant measures in place to catch a mistake of this kind. Although his company has failed him, the burden of personal responsibility still falls directly on Carl when it comes to his job and executing the tasks that are handed to him from his superiors. In this specific case, he failed to complete any of the tasks Ms. Carrols expected of him.

The Proper Tools
When it comes to the coordination process of the new hires, he did not have the proper tools to organize the effort. The proper tools in this situation would at minimum include a task list and a shared calendar of events showing a timeline to all employees involved in the recruitment of new hires. The daily task list should have been something created by his management team, and would’ve included each task that needed to be completed on a daily basis. This would have ensured that any employee, even after Carl earns a promotion or moves on from the company, performs the job consistently. The applications should have had a due date and appeared on the daily task list for that day. When the recruiter saw that one of the tasks for that day was the application deadline, then he should have been prompted to...
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