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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Case Study Analysis for ABC, Inc.
January 9, 2012
Korijna Valenti

During my reach into the hiring issues at ABC Inc., it was found necessary to research and read more in today’s hiring process with the current job market. The following is an introduction of one specific company that recently requested a case study of a current internal hiring process that took place or did not take place. In this situation, a new campus recruiter was expecting to bring on 15 new hires to complete for orientation to work in the Operations department. When the operations supervisor contacted the new recruiter and checked on the status of the recruiting process, they were assured that all requirements would be in place. The recruiter went to finalize the necessary paper work that would typically be in place for new hire orientation, only to discover that there was not a defined process or checklist.

Because Carl (the recruiter) was new to ABC Inc., he was under the impression there should be a plan of action defined for how to complete a new hire. With this, Carl should have first noticed a lack of organization in which there should be a process flow to take him from requisition, to recruitment and the matching up a candidate with the job opening. When he pulled out the new trainee’s files, it was discovered that some of the files did not have completed applications or transcripts and none of the trainees had been sent for a standard drug screen. While brainstorming all the steps that Carl assured the operations supervisor would be in place, he realized that he needs a training schedule, orientation session, manual, policy booklets, physicals and drug screens. He then realized that it was all but to late to assure a smooth transition in the hiring process.

Key Problems
Before any scheduled orientation can take place, paperwork needs to be verified on all potential candidates. This should include verifying all...
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