Case Study Analysis-Carl Robbins

Topics: Employment, Time, Future Pages: 5 (1716 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Case Study for ABC, Inc.
Monica Birkenstock
October 19, 2010
Gary Tandy

Determining how trainees are qualified for employment at ABC, Inc. and subsequently brought into the workforce as productive, responsible employees requires facets of the current policies to be re-designed and re-evaluated to standards that are currently non-conformant to the policies in place at this time. Progression towards intended policies, procedures, and practices that maximize potential employees’ ability to complete the hiring/training process is being disrupted. Either the current policy is lacking guidance, or the management of such policies is inherently inadequate. If this policy is non-excitant, a structured pro-active policy necessary for the future of ABC, Inc. requires to be completed. These standards have currently challenged by the recent recruitment for trainees; the applicants are not ready for placement with the departments to which they have been assigned. Although, applicants have been pre-selected and scheduled for orientation. The management of actual hiring, time management, for the applicants to remain on-schedule for full orientation to ABC, Inc. is not aquatically prepared for placement in appropriate departments. To implement a concrete time schedule for new hires with to follow along with a new hiring policy will improve any conflict of future hiring assignments for all management in charge of such duties. Background

A recently hired manager at ABC, Inc. recruits fifteen trainees for positions with another department of ABC, Inc. There are various stages of hiring and training that must be completed within 6 weeks of application of future employees. This time frame would give the hiring manager more than enough time to properly ready employees for permanent or probationary employment. Most of the tasks that did not get completed are more than oversights. Applications were not complete at the closing of the time frame allotted. Transcripts of education, background and previous employment were not available in any files found at ABC, Inc. Furthermore, the manager did not follow through with drug/physical screenings that are mandatory to move to the next phase of the hiring process. In addition to not having training manuals at the time or orientation/training, the room in which the training was to take place was already reserved for other obligatory training by another training instructor in another department. The blatant neglect for completing basic procedural hiring tasks by the recruiting manager shows incompetency and lack of respect for their position, as well as company integrity being lost. The potential new hires will possibly need to be replaced by another group of trainees, this will compromise respect in the community for ABC, Inc. and their hiring practices. Key Problems

Placements for a new recruitment of applicants at ABC, Inc., have been currently compromised. Due to the ill-mannered time, managed preparation of necessary pre-employment requirements by the recruiting manager of new applicants has not been part of ABC, Inc.’s company. Many factors have contributed to the delay, from the on-set of the pre-hiring phase for example: 1. Applications not completed in their entirety.

2. Mandatory drug screening not in company’s files for any of the potential trainees. 3. Complete or incomplete transcripts for said applicants not in company’s file. 4. Physicals for said applicants not in company’s file.

5. Timeline managed guidelines have not been established to instill a pro-active, not a reactive approach. 6. Delegated responsibility’s have not been established of multiple departments have not been assigned.

Because these applicant’s requirements have not been completed at the pre-hiring phase, Applicant’s continuing on to the next required phase of employment, is a waste of this company’s beneficial money and time. Re-structuring starting with the...
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