Case Study Analysis: Abc Company

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  • Published: October 12, 2010
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Case Study Analysis
Case Study Analysis
ABC, Inc., like many companies hires new employees to make the company better. As part of the hiring process at ABC, Inc. a campus recruiter is the person that is responsible for the hands on process of hiring new employees. The campus recruiter is responsible for the process of hiring, orientation, physicals, documents and drug screening to complete the new hire process successfully. ABC, Inc.’s new recruiter Carl Robbins has been on the job for six months. Carl recently hired fifteen new employees to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Manager. Carl has scheduled an orientation for the new hires to take place on June 15th. Carl plans to have the process completed and the new hires fully employed by July 1. Unfortunately for ABC Inc., Carl has no previous experience with the process of hiring new employees. He is unaware of the time it takes to get all the paperwork, orientation, physicals, documents and drug screenings completed. All of these items will need to be completed before the new hires can start work on their scheduled start date of July 1. In order to be successful in getting new hires to begin working on July 1, Carl must understand the importance of adhering to a schedule of tasks to be completed in a certain time frame. Carl must consider any unforeseen obstacles or unplanned events that will get in the way of the new hires being employed by ABC Inc. and starting work on July 1. Background

This case study identifies some of the stumbling blocks that are hindering the new campus recruiter, Carl Robbins. Most of these stumbling blocks are unfortunately, Carl’s own fault. His failure to pay attention to details and follow up on things in a timely manner are what set the wheels of failure in motion. This case study will focus on the importance of making a schedule and adhering to it, following up on events/items and thinking outside the box. Carl’s task is not that difficult. The key issues he needs to focus on are staying on top of things, keep to a schedule and think ahead. Carl’s problems began because he did not keep a schedule and follow up on paperwork/needed documents in a timely manner. Carl hired fifteen new recruits in April. Monica Carrolls contacted Carl on May 15 about a training schedule. This schedule included new hire orientation, manuals, company policy books, mandatory drug tests and physicals. Carl made sure that Monica knew he had things under control. Key Problems

The main problem is that Carl hired new employees without thoroughly planning ahead. The key problems that Carl faces for him to stay on time with the hiring process include the following: •Unorganized schedule

Recruiter has no hiring experience
Did not follow up in a timely manner on all required paperwork •Did not plan ahead in reserving a training room in advance •Did not inspect mandatory manuals ahead of time.
As the new campus recruiter, Carl did not ask enough questions. When the operations manager, Monica Carrolls called to Carl to follow up on the hiring process, he told her that everything was going well. Poor Carl did not have the gumption to tell Monica the truth about the gravity of the situation he was currently in. Carl has only been employed with the company for six months and these are his first hires. Unorganized Schedule

Carl did not plan ahead and make any sort of time frame to get the all the needed items in by a set deadline. The process of hiring the new trainees was unorganized and had no set deadlines or goals. Required Paperwork Not On File

Carl did not have a set date that all the paperwork/physicals/documents were needed to be completed. He did not diligently follow up on this information to make sure it was completed and in Carl’s possession in a timely manner. Once the needed documents were received, they were not checked for accuracy nor were they filed. New Hire Orientation Space

Carl did not reserve the new...
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