Case Study Analysis

Topics: Human rights, Abuse, United Nations Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Case Study 1 - Telecome
Human Resource Issues and Practices

Question 1: Analyse the Johnson-Marcado incident and explain in detail (be specific) what the general manager must examine to make a determination on this issue. There is few steps that general manager needs to do in order to have a full understanding of the situation. •Mathany needs to see the roots of the problem, why there is two supervisor treating each other in such a way, maybe it is a company culture issue that evolved with time. If so, there is a whole issue and way to fix it. •How long this behaviour had been carried over, and does Marcado have ever made it clear to Johnson that this behaviour is not acceptable. •Does Telcom will be liable if the issue proceed to court? And if so, to which extent? The company may be held liable should the management failed to acknowledge and stop the harassment; if the case went court the company might been held liable and need to pay compensation to the victim (Dessler, Cole, & Bulmash, 2011). •Are the comments that Johnson made represent a harassment act. According to the Human right Act “Harassment includes unwelcome behaviour that demeans, humiliates, or embarrasses a person and that a reasonable person should have known would be unwelcome.” (Dessler, Cole, & Bulmash, 2011. P53). Therefore, Mathany should act. •Mathany will have to deal with the work environment hazard, which means the risk that such behaviour of Johnson can bring the employees’ morale down that will effect the productivity in return. •How to convince Johnson to apologize to Marcado and stop the unwelcomed behaviour. •Mathany needs to fully understand the Human Rights Act, especially the section that address harassments and how to deal with it. He needs to know how his company may be liable and how to make sure to comply with the rules. That does include the step necessary that should be taken, proper documentation and so on.

Question 2: What alternatives are available...
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