Case Study About What Makes Up a Business Plan

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Case Study

I think that Eric would tell me a lot about success. Based solely on what I read in the case study, he seems to know a lot about how to obtain success. I believe he would tell me that it takes a lot of hard work and that with business, sometimes you have to rely on just yourself. Eric would let me know that all the hard work you put into running a business will pay off. It seems like he has a positive attitude. If he wants something, he takes it. He would tell me that a positive attitude is key in owning a successful business. If you believe you would fail, you probably will. If you are positive going into opening a business, you are more likely to succeed. First, I would tell Eric that it is a very good idea to have a business plan. I believe that it will ensure a better chance of owning another successful business. A good business plan should talk about what kind of business you want to open, and who you are trying to appeal to.

The first thing Eric will need is a cover letter. This is very important because this is how you catch an investor’s attention. He would need to put the most important things about his business in his cover letter in a flashy or attractive looking way.

The next thing Eric will need is an executive summary. This is a short, two or three page summary of what kind of business he would like to run. He needs to discuss the details of the business as well as what he hopes to accomplish by opening such a business. Next, Eric needs to talk about the company background. Here he needs to describe any kind of legal considerations as well as any risks or opportunities he believes he may encounter in the business. Eric needs to provide financial details such as balance sheets and statements. I would tell Eric that it would probably be a good idea to have details about any kind of insurance. He doesn’t really have to include this, but investors may want to see it to feel secure in dealing with the business....
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