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Topics: Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, Business process reengineering, Transformation Pages: 5 (1772 words) Published: March 17, 2013
What challenges?
In order to figure out what challenges struggle Denny Brown; it is necessary to review his personal experiences briefly. First of all, Brown is the chief information officer of the company Pinnacle West (PWC), and its largest subsidiary is Arizona Public Service (APS). This company operated businesses about providing energy utility to public; APS also partly owned and operated the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Generating Station. According to the case, Palo Verde used to be the largest power facility in the United States and played a significant role in power supplication for southwest United States. This case happened during the economy recession recently. Overall, the point views from the company were claimed from the vice-president and CIO himself, Denny Brown. He recorded few successful initiatives at PWC; moreover, Brown also achieved initial success in instituting a process-oriented atmosphere inside the information technology services organization. There is one point need to be highlighted is Brown believed that a CIO’s duty is to transform the business, which means Brown keeps trying to improve company’s transformation process as developed as possible. That is also the reason why he achieved few succeed initiatives at first. Although his purpose of creating a process-oriented enterprise for PWC was motivated, he left APS to acquire another job at IBM for almost 10 years in 1990s. The truth is he went back to APS after almost a decade; he was unable to get familiar with CIO’s mission immediately. He faced the situation that more new employees were hired in his department; a long break-in period was required in early 2000s when he was back to the company. At the end of page 10, the case summarized that Brown faces an important crossroads in his process-oriented strategy for PWC. Brown has to consider various troubles in making the resource of decision available and plan a strategy for a wider show of a process-oriented strategy through PWC and determine if other companies is ready for this strategy as well. Another problem Brown may face is he need to fix the misunderstanding between the business people and the information technology department. In the case’s page 10, it indicated that there is a nature interaction between IT and business. Obviously the IT employees depend on the business people’s sense of requirements, but the business people has no ability to fully figure out what the technology is and how remarkable it is. In order to move forward, fixing the miscommunication is urgent for Brown and his IT organization.
How well ?
The grassroots strategy, which stands for the one that is implemented or driven bottom levels up, is the fundamental strategy used for Pinnacle West Cooperation. In this case, the grassroots strategy represents the process orientation; the CIO of PWC proposed that the company needs to be organized in an oriented approach. Because CIO Brown noticed his information technology organization lacked formal metrics and the organization was depended on individual’s knowing. Not only in the IT organization, but this situation also stated that the whole enterprise need to improve or reengineer its structure. Due to a company’s most fundamental aspect is its general employees from different departments, a process-oriented system is able to guides grassroots business people embraces a formal and correct approach. Consequently, differences between individuals make them cannot following the strict rules totally; that is why promoting a considerable process orientation is necessary and urgent for the enterprise’s reengineering. The process orientation was established for general business people and IT workers as well, which indicated the importance of creating process orientation as a grassroots strategy. In the first page, a process-oriented system is not only...
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