Case Study About Barangay Road

Topics: Health, Nutrition Pages: 6 (1181 words) Published: September 22, 2012
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A Case Study of Nutrition Situation inBrgy. Dila, Bay, Laguna S-1L
Jose Elmo AzoresAna Clarisse BercelesTimothy MendozaLeticia MenesesMark Reblora ______________________  Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements in HNF 151 to Prof. A.R. Bustos , 2 nd
sem, AY 2010-2011 in Institute of Human Nutrition and Food this February 1, 2010.  
INTRODUCTIONDila is a Barangay situated in the center of Bay, Laguna. Having a flat plainsurface, the main means of livelihood in the location is through farming of rice,rootcrops, vegetable, and corn, with rice as the main crop. The barangay has its ownrice mill and national and communal irrigation. Another main source of livelihood arelivestock and poultry farming with swine as the main, ducks as the second, followed by chicken, and goat.As of the last census, Brgy. Dila has a total of 7 Puroks with a household number of 1,340 and a population of 5,610 of which 91 are zero to five months old infants, 44are pregnant women, and 52 are lactating women. The most common type of dwelling unit is wood followed by semi-concrete, barong-barong, concrete andnipa/bamboo houses. These families mostly get their water supply through artesianwells followed by waterworks system, deep wells, springs, and lastly open dug wells.Most households in the barangay have electricity (95%), 10 % of the household havetelephones in their house and 75% use cellphones.There are government and private schools in Brgy. Dila, these include pre-school(government and private), elementary (government and private), and high school(government). The health facilities in the barangay include Health/Nutrition Center (government) and Medical Clinic (private). In terms of toilet facilities, the mostcommon is the water sealed, but others have no toilet.The Brgy. Dila is along the National and Provincial Road, and near the Municipaland Feeder Road. The most common transport facilities in the barangay are tricycle, jeepney and buses.Usually, the sources of income of the people in Brgy. Dila, in order, arefarming/fishing/laborer, self-employed (business), employment in government or  private agencies, overseas contract workers, and being a professional. The mainsources of income of Barangay are share from real state tax, share from developmentfund, business and other taxes, and others.  

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYThe general objective of the case study is to have an understanding and background in community level nutrition. The specific objects are: a) To describe astructure of the BNC of Brgy. Dila, b) To enumerate the members of the BNC and itsorganizational structure, c) To enumerate the functions and roles of the members of the BNC, d) To discuss the role of BNC in improving the nutrition situation, e) Toassess the functionality of the BNC, f) To explain the role of the Barangay NutritionScholar (BNS), g) To describe the components of BNAP, and f) To describe thenutrition status of the barangay.The study is limited to the assessment of nutrition situation of the barangay withthe use of all the data gathered through interview and compilation of files from theMunicipal Nutrition Action Officer and the Barangay Nutrition Scholar.III.  

METHODOLOGYThe group went to the Municipal Health Center of Bay and asked for recommendations on a barangay fit to conduct the case study encompassing theBarangay Nutrition Committee (BNC), Barangay Nutrition Action Plan (BNAP),Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) and the Barangay profile itself. The MunicipalHealth Center attendant recommended the Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) who knows more on the regarding subject. In the Municipal NutritionOffice, the MNAO recommended Brgy. Dila for the study since the BNS in thatlocation is award-winning and the group can gather reliable and relevant data.The group secured the necessary letter for permission to...
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