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  • Published : May 6, 2012
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Week 6
Taking a Closer Look pg 489
1.How many continents does the company currently do business? Three
2.Is there one leadership style that will work best for the company, or is it going to have to choose managers on a country by country basis? Since 2005, GE has increased their senior leadersoutside the United States by 50%. The best global companies are developing new business models tailored for growth markets. They choose managers tailored for their respective country.

3.Additionally , if there is no one universal style that is best , how can current CEO Jeffrey Immelt effectively lead so diverse a group of worldwide managers?

4.In what way would an understanding of the managerial grid be useful in explaining leadership behaviors at GE?

5.If GE were advertising for new managers in England, Italy, and Japan what qualities would you expect the firm to be seeking in these managers?

6.Would there be a universal list, or would lists differ on a country by country basis? The lists would differ on a country by country basis.

1. Singapore has been affected by economic uncertainty around the world, but prices and currency remained relatively stable. It is a high tech hub attracting more pharmaceutical and medical technology producers from across the globe. 2. The Singapore workers ‘desire to become more productive result in the following US similarities Chance for growth, achievement, increased responsibility, money and job security. 3. Yes it would be wise to know how achievement is received culturally. 4. I would assume that although Singapore and US have similar motivations, Singapore workers should be managed and awarded differently. The Singapore worker will not succumb highly to individualism because they thrive on security while discouraging an individual risk.

Week 6 Hwk 2
Pg 490
1. What are some current issues facing Germany? What is the climate for doing business in Germany today? Germany is the size of the Nevada with three...
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