Case Study

Topics: Alcoholism, Addiction, Alcohol abuse Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: December 30, 2011
Our Lady of Fatima University
Valenzuela City

Partial Fulfillment of Requirements in
Practicum in School Setting
Ψ 19C

“Case Study of an Individual with
Substance Abuse Disorder”

Submitted to:
Mr. John Jamir Benzon R. Aruta

Submitted by:
Andagan, Joseph I,



Miguel’s symptoms of alcohol dependence started at the same time he learned how to smoke. At the tender age of 14, Miguel started engaging in drinking alcohol with his high school friends, Miguel belongs to a family of eleven children him being the eldest. Unlike any first born, Miguel was not given the attention he should have had. His father worked as an accountant in an electric company in Saudi Arabia while his mother stays at home to look after the eleven of them. Instead of what could have been a light and convenient life, Miguel was deprived of an easy attendance in school. His mother was very expensive in terms of extravagance and was not able to provide for his schooling, making him unable to attend his classes regularly. On his last year in college, he went away to marry the girl he met in Manila. Miguel’s becoming a family man worsened his alcohol dependence. He would often go home late at night, heavy drunk with an empty pocket. For 21 years since his marriage, Miguel kept coming back to his old way of drinking with his friends. During the first few years of his alcohol dependence, he would usually end up angrily shouting at everybody and throwing things inside the house. This incident brought trauma to his wife and three children. These days, he still drinks but has lessen the habit of throwing tantrums over everybody.


The integrative theory of substance-related disorders is based on a diathesis model. The diathesis model integrates several points of view including the link between biological, psychological, and environmental factors. In...
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