Case Study

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow, Decision making Pages: 12 (3424 words) Published: December 3, 2011
Anthony B. Pacetes
Luningning M. Donato
Janice M. Deticio
Alexxis Ladog
Communication Arts Class
Ateneo de Davao University
Semester 1, SY 2011-2012
Prof. Bambi Cabrera

l. Background:

The Graubart Electronics Company headed by Wanda Alinsky embarked on a new and ambitious strategy which is to set up a group within the organization whose main goal is to create new business opportunities for the company by gaining new customers for its electronic systems products.

The Systems Proposal Department works on performing three major functions:

1. To handle the review and evaluation process of all bid specifications for new electronic systems. 2. To determine its profitability based on the companies technical and fabrication capabilities. 3. To handle the preparation of the business proposals to gain contracts with potential new customers of the company.

The company hired Ned Wicker who is formerly a senior proposal analyst with no managerial experience to set up an elite team of 7 analysts, to establish a system and internal process which is the RFP (Request for Proposal) selection process and run the new department to achieve its goals of gaining new customers for the company.

ll. Management Issues and Problems

Ned’s department underwent a lot of challenges. Initially, he carefully selected the group of individuals that would comprise his department. Each individual was highly qualified systems proposal analysts. He also formulated the procedure for RFP (Request for Proposal) that included full participation of all analysts in the decision-making process. And so, in the first 4 months, his team was doing great. They were able to submit 3 proposals that materialized to major contracts in the company.

However, as Ned tried to evaluate the proceedings of the meetings, he realized that the meetings consumed much time even if the same number of proposals were reviewed every Monday. Ned felt that there was a need to review the current approach in order to improve their efficiency in managing their time during meetings. In order to reduce the time spent during RFP meetings, Ned revised his approach in handling the meetings by conducting a pre-screening evaluation himself on all the submitted proposals prior to the meeting. This new approach would entail more work to be done on his part during weekends but on the other hand he would come in more prepared during the individual presentations of his analysts.

Ned was actually able to shorten the meetings. The group was able to review more proposals and the analysts were able to handle other work in the department. However, Ned found himself talking more and the analysts participating less actively in the meetings. Although this was unintentional on the part of Ned, the analysts’ became more disengaged during the meetings because Ned became more dominant in the team’s discussion, thereby reducing most of the presentations into a one-on-one meeting where in the flow is only limited to vertical communication and as a result it limited the opportunity to communicate horizontally with the other team members.

The analysts seemed to show less cooperation toward their team especially to Ned. They were less motivated to participate in the discussions and share their opinions. These in turn, translated to low performance of the department causing them to lose one of the contracts. Worse, the analysts seem to lose their trust towards Ned and felt bad about their current status in the department. Some of them might have really felt very low because one analyst decided to leave the company for another job opportunity.

In view of the whole situation, the issue which had a major impact on the outcome was:

□ The new approach being employed by Ned Wicker in handling the RFP meetings which unintentionally created a communication barrier. Interpersonal barriers affected his...
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