Case Study 8-1 Telco Corporation

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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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Eugene Williams
Advanced Business Logistics, TLMT 441
Case Study 8-1 Telco Corporation
May 25, 2012

Telco Corporation
Customer Relationship Management allows businesses to leverage information from their databases to achieve customer retention and to cross sell new products and services to existing customers. In the case study regarding Telco Corporation, the company will need to implement a customer relationship management program to better their relationships with their customers, retain loyal customers and create substantial payback with increased revenues and reduced costs. When successfully put into operation, there can be a dramatic effect on the bottom line performance of Telco Corporation’s organization. Telco Corporation should consider utilizing market segmentation for customer acquisition, retention, and creating higher value by choosing the right facility location or expanding a range of business or organizational function. With successful market segmentation, Telco Corporation will gain insight into their customer’s needs and should use that knowledge to enhance their profitability, increase revenue growth, and help add a new customer base. Also, customers should play an integral part into the organization’s strategy and decision-making for its use in marketing. Businesses are successfully using market segmentation to better reach profitable customers and improve bottom line performance. Telco Corporation can tailor opportunities to reach customers by strategic and tactical functions ranging from strategy development to customer acquisition and retention, core business practices and initiative-based activities including planning and forecasting, and development of new products and services. Using these techniques, Telco Corporation can identify sources of information they have the potential to derive benefits and improve customer service. Markets are either product driven or customer driven. In today’s U.S. market, which includes a broad use...
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