Case Study # 7

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Case Study # 7
Part I. group development
The stage of the Christine's team is at the forming stage, because every is getting to know each other and getting to know their roles and is not a well develop and constitute team yet. "in the forming stage of team development, a primary concern is the initial entry of members to a group." During this stage, individuals ask a number of questions as they begin to identify with other groups member and with the team itself." (Shermerhon 166) If Christine would have understood the five stage of the team building adjourning, forming, storming, performing and norming it will have definitely would have help her with have a more cohesive team. Also, it Christine would had understood the five step of forming a team she would had been a better leader and establish the team rules from the beginning. For example when Christine suggested for the group to meet before class Mike complaint saying " this is a an8:30 class, and I barely make it on time anyway! besides I'll miss my happy Harry show on television." Here we can see an example were Christine lack leadership character because she did not step up and make her point clear and show every who was boss of the team. Part II. Problem Identification

One of the primary problems of the group is the lack of cohesiveness and lack of cooperation between team members. Second, is the group is member key role are not defined meaning that each member role in the team has not been determined yet. we know that Christine is the team coordinator, but what key roles does the other participants play. Next the stage in which the team is in forming, adjourning, storming, performing and norming has not been determined yet. In addition, the not all team player are cooperating in the same way, some have turn in the portion of the assignment and others haven't. Not all team members were meeting together to discussed course project progress. Lack of communication between team members is another...
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