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Topics: Management, Board of directors, Corporate governance Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: April 27, 2011

The main purpose or mission of the Greenhill Community Center was to provide human service programs for learning, growth, and enrichment throughout life within an intergenerational setting. The mission seems to fill the need in the demographical setting of the location. The center is located in one of the poorest cities on the East Coast. In the textbook it states a mission as being “the reason an organization exists, and it must be the starting point for its planning.” (Worth, p.172) The mission of the center is very sound, but in the process of hiring a new director, I think the mission focus was lost. I saw a couple of incidences of “mission creep“ in the reading. (Worth, p.173) One being the focus the trustees put on not treating the staff as equals. The staff was not made aware of the hiring of the new director until after the transaction had taken place. The whole hiring process that the trustees executed created a lot of resentment from the staff. This kind of division can cause a lackadaisical atmosphere within an organization, and would put a strain on the focus of the mission. Another example of the “creep” would be when the director was called out by one of her subordinates in front of the sub-committee of personnel. The music director did not like being considered part time and he created a situation in the meeting that was counterproductive to the agenda. These situations can cause disruption and can be harmful to the structural integrity of an organization. The board member’s responsibilities should consist of the hiring of the Executive Director, establishing the mission and purpose, approving the programs of the organization, ensuring financial management and stability, and establishing standards for organizational performance and its accountability. (Worth, p.70-72) Failure to not comply with just one of these responsibilities could cause an organizational breakdown. There is a thirteen member board of trustees for the...
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