Case Study

Topics: Management, Project management, Estimator Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: March 29, 2011
1.By Reeza Fazily Sharp Printing,AG
oLauren was selected to be the project manager of a project of implementing a colour laser printer for consumer and business market at a reasonable price. oHowever there were issues in cost and time estimates.

oCase study is all about what needs to done by the project manager to overcome this problem. 3.If I was the Project Manager
oFirst of all, I would like to say, target $300 isn’t realistic. And if I was the project manager, I’ll follow the following steps, oFirst, I would chose to use the priority matrix to get top management to clarify their priorities. 4.Contd….

5.. Time Performance Cost Constrains Enhance Accept Time - Looking at the above graph time is a crucial factor. This is because the color printer is a technological product which a delay will cause competitors coming up with a similar low cost product creating the whole project worthless. . 6.Contd….

oPerformance - Since we are dealing with a technological product which planned to sell for a low cost, it is important to produce it for a reasonable quality. It is important to provide a value for money product unless it will not be successful in the long run. oCost - The micro estimate shows the cost has already increased by $1,250,000 than the senior management’s macro estimate where the attempts of cutting cost such as talking with design, marketing and production managers were not able to create a huge impact. Therefore since time is crucial and performance is required, the only option we have is to accept the high cost 7.Contd….

oAfter that I would schedule a meeting with senior managers to explain the priority matrix and gain the permission to increase the cost. oAt the same time take decisions to change the scope if necessary. If the senior management accept, oFinding whether we can reduce cost by outsourcing technology or producing within the company 8.Contd….

oNext I would go for one of micro approaches...
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