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Case Study

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1. What type of reinforcement schedule does random drug testing represent? Is this type of schedule typically effective or ineffective?

This case study is about the usage of steroids in a baseball game and the offense which has been caused by it. The type of reinforcement schedule the random drug testing present is the fact that the some of the players do not know that they are in to the drugs which had been given by their coaches for better performance to play the game. According to the case what the commissioner of baseball did was right. He gave a second chance to the players who did not know that they were in to drugs. The first time offenders were given a ten day suspension from playing the game. The commissioner incorporated tougher rules to play in the game such as the “three strikes, and you are out” policy wherein the first time offenders were suspended from playing the game for 50 days, the second time offenders were suspended from playing the game for 100 days and the last one was a ban wherein the player cannot further play the game. Due to the usage of steroids the rules in the other games even became tougher. The NFL and the NBA also had to check their players if they were using drugs while playing the game. The coaches in the baseball game needs to be strict while choosing their best players to play the game. The coaches need to be strict with rules of the game and as well as the players to stop using the usage of steroids in the baseball game. A fine or a suspension is considered as a minor part whereas the ultimate decision to ban the player is the correct decision which is made by the commissioner of baseball.

2. What are some examples of behaviors in typical organizations that supervisors reward but may actually be detrimental to others or to the organization as a whole? As a manager, what might you do to try to avoid this quandary?

The main examples of behaviors in organizations that the supervisors reward but are...

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