Case Study

Topics: Family, Marriage, Psychology Pages: 5 (1114 words) Published: December 8, 2010
1. Identify the client:
Mr. and Mrs. D’Angelo and their blended family of four children; Mariana, Paul, Tony, and Benetta. Mariana, Paul, and Tony are Mr. D’Angelo and his late wife’s children. Benetta is Mrs. D’Angelo’s daughter from a previous marriage. 2.Three most significant problems:

1.Loss of Mr. D’s previous wife. Mariana and her brother’s may not have had time to grieve properly. Mariana seems to be taking this the hardest. 2.Mariana’s non-acceptance of Mrs. D.; name calling, rudeness. 3.Mr. and Mrs. D’s relationship. Mrs. D cannot take anymore of Mariana’s behavior and has threatened to leave if things do not change. 3. Convert problems into needs:

Loss of mother ---> Grievance counseling
Mariana’s negative attitude towards Mrs. D and step sister ----> Co-parenting skills to deal with behaviors
Strained relationship between Mrs. D and Mr. D ----> Better communication skills 4. Need I:
Micro Strategy: Individual therapy for each of the children.
May help the children with grieving process.May not be able to afford services. Other concerns may be addressed.May refuse services.
Help Mariana w/ her attitude towards Mrs. D.Services may not be offered in area. May lead to other needed services.

Mezzo Strategy: Family therapy
Bring family closer together.Unwillingness to participate. Address specific needs for entire family.May cause for issues for family. Issues discussed on neutral grounds.May not be able to afford services.

Macro Strategy: Advocate to agency to start grievance counseling services for the area.
Appropriate services may be offered in the area.No funds available for service. Affordable services offered to others.Lack of support from agency. Not a large enough client population in area.

Client Strengths: The family is living together. Mr. D has already taken the initiative to contact this agency. Mrs. D is also willing to participate.

Need 2
Micro Strategy: Co-parenting classes
Learn new skills to parent together.No classes available in area. Better able to handle Mariana’s outbursts.Not able to afford classes. Build Mr. and Mrs. D’s relationship.Time of classes not meeting their schedule.

Unwillingness to participate.

Mezzo Strategy: Parent Support Groups
Meet other parents in same/ similar situation.None available. See what services other agencies offer for family.Might not like sharing w/ group Support each other.Too far away.
Children can see Mr. and Mrs. D’s ability to work together.

Macro Strategy: Advocate to agency to work with the parents separately instead of entire family.

Begin new service that agency can offer.Under staffed.
Family can receive proper services.Agency will not back up idea.
No funding for additional services.

Client Strengths: Mr. and Mrs. D’s willingness to work together. Mariana’s siblings stick up for Vendetta.

Need 3
Micro Strategy: Begin with individual therapy to find each person’s specific concerns and needs for the family.
Give each person a chance to express concerns.Family may not be able to afford. Can freely vent w/out upsetting family members.No services in area. Find individual strengths and needs.Unwillingness to participate.

Mezzo Strategy: Marriage Class/ counseling.
Give Mr. and Mrs. D time together.No money.
Meet other couples.Availability
Freely vent about relationship w/out fight.Unwillingness to participate.

Macro Strategy: Advocate to MHC for sliding scale fee for services.
Open doors for other clients.MHC not willing to accept idea. More affordable for family.Client may not be able to pay. More likely to attend.
Client Strengths: Mr. and Mrs. D went to agency together.

5. Write three primary goals based on...
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