Case Study

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  • Published : November 22, 2010
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Case Study

Landmark Dining is a family-owned and -operated steak and seafood restaurant small business in south Asia. Landmark restaurants offer an exceptional dining experience at a good value to the customers. Landmark’s key food services include lunch and dinner - in-house dining, take-out dining, dinner delivery, and event catering, such as corporate cookouts. Landmark restaurants provide a full-service, memorable lunch and dinner dining experience, seven days a week. The restaurants are well known for great steak and fresh seafood meals in an historic atmosphere, and they offer a variety of beer, wine, and spirits from around the world. Market segments are identified by Landmark by strategic choices of what to serve (product), where to serve it (markets), and how much to charge (price). Landmark competes in the market segment for semi casual dining steak and seafood restaurants .Within this market, specific customer segments and groups are identified based on the restaurant’s ability to meet their requirements.

Customers, including customers of competitors, are identified for current and future products and services, based on market research of the respective segments that are best served by the characteristics of the product/service.

Landmark also has identified value creation processes - those that add value to the dining experience according to the customer’s perspective. Landmark determines its key value creation processes by using information collected through the Voices system to evaluate how each process’ outputs affect customers. Over time, they have identified several processes that did not add value to customers and were not essential to support business, and they have eliminated them from operations. Voices information is reviewed annually during strategic planning to determine whether any key new processes are emerging. Input from customers and other stakeholders is gathered routinely, and fed into the processes. A system of...
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