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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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In this case study, first year third grade teacher, Maggie Lindberg, is having trouble controlling her class. The children are well-behaved during their art period. However, when Ms. Lindberg is in charge, they are highly uncontrollable. They talk when they are not supposed to talk and they don’t listen to anything that Maggie says. There’s supposed to be a nature walk/field trip and Ms. Lindberg’s class has yet to complete the task.

I see so many problems with this case study. First of all, I believe that Ms. Lindberg came into the school year sort of unprepared and thinking that because it’s the first year, it would be simple. Another problem I see with Ms. Lindberg is that she seems to have a low confidence level. And she’s way too nice. These children are basically taking over her classroom. Maggie Lindberg has no clue how to control a class. Every third grade class has gone on a nature walk except for Ms. Lindberg’s class. She’s scared that it won’t go well. I also found that Ms. Lindberg has a tendency to let her frustration show which is never good.

First, Ms. Lindberg should have been better prepared. I think that she should have taken into consideration the substituting accident. I believe that she should have focused a lot on classroom management skills. For instance, she let her frustration show. That’s a huge NO, NO! She needed to be much firmer with her students. Yelling at them is only going to make the behavior worse because the children will not take her seriously.

I think that after school, Ms. Lindberg should make a list of goals to help her better manage her class. I also think that she could sit with her students and let them help her create a classroom management chart. They would all have to agree to follow the rules they come up with and I also think that maybe since they are in the third grade, she could write out a contract with the student’s help and have them sign it. This would mean that there would be serious consequences to go...
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