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Topics: Blood donation, Blood, HIV Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: October 20, 2010
University blood drive case study

Blood drives are very common on almost every single college campus in Oklahoma as well as all over America. So how should we make the blood drive at Rogers State University different from all others? After I asked this question on myself, I decided that we must first decide who our target audiences will be. According to the International Journal of Medicine, “young donors are more likely to experience fear of blood, injections, blood draws, and mutilated bodies” (Labus). This reaction is also known as a vasovagal reaction. Since my blood drive will be on a college campus, I must find a way to target this audience as well as the faculty. In order to make the blood drive a success, I will need something more to make the students overcome their fears and donate blood. The first thing that I would do is send out a surveys to each advisor at the beginning of the semester to distribute to their students upon enrollment. My survey would include questions such as: •Have you ever given blood before? Y N

Would you give blood if you received extra points in some of your classes? Y N •What would encourage you to give blood?

After my informal research has been completed I will pick up each survey and see what the students had to say. In order to find preliminary background information on blood drives, I would have a speaker come and speak at half time of a basketball game. This sport is rapidly growing at Rogers State University and will have many students attending the game. The speaker would give a personal testimony or story about how blood donations have affected their life or someone close to them. This may convince them that a little fear like giving blood might be worth overcoming a fear.

I would conduct a formal research technique by using scientific evidence to determine all of the fears that young adults have about giving blood. The International Journal of Behavioral Medicine is a great way to look at...
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