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  • Published: November 3, 2013
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Case Study: Continental Airlines-This Call Is Being Monitored

Q.1 What are the business benefits of the CallMiner system? Provide some additional examples beyond those discussed in the case. Answer. There are several Business benefits of the CallMiner system in several different areas, such as Sales & Marketing, Customer Service and Operations. It allows Continental to understand the reasons why the customers contact them, the value of those communications, and the effectiveness of its service representatives in addressing the customers’ needs. It also allows for a significant reduction of the human resources needed and improves efficiency by allowing more time to analyse the data therefore building customer loyalty. The data can also be used to improve business decisions. Benefits of the CallMIner system:

1. Helps to determine what customers really want and whether the right action were taken 2. It helps to craft marketing plans and shape overall strategy. 3. The CallMining software also provided Continental airlines the opportunity to monitor agents’ responses to customers and thereby reveal areas in which agents needed more training, and by better educating agents they became more effective and efficient employees. 4. Reduced the number of calls agents made to the support desk reduced the number of reconfirmation calls, saving Continental Airlines more than $1 million annually 5. Measuring the response to a new offer or destination by reviewing both the amount and timing (relative to the announcement) of calls inquiring about it. 6. Providing data to support new initiatives, either to solve issues being currently presented or to justify new investments 7. Improves customer service efficiency and higher customer satisfaction 8. Reduced labour costs

9. Competitive advantage-CallMiner’s ability to recognize root problems within the reservation system and thus foster better and more effective customer service, promoting Continental’s ability to be a leader...
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