Case Study 3 – “Covert Sensitization for Paraphilia” David H. Barlow

Topics: Behaviorism, Concept, Psychology Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Behavior Therapy
Wedding & Cosini, Chapter 5
By James Keith Wright

Case Study 3 – “Covert Sensitization for Paraphilia” David H. Barlow

Looking at this case about Reverend X helped me look at myself when it comes to helping someone in an area that I detest and what it inspired was hope for all human issues. I will begin with the three (3) key concepts of the theory and describe how they were applied in the case.

The first concept I will talk about is; Emphasizes Current Behavior, dealing with the client’s current problems and the factors influencing them. Emphasis is on specific factors that influence present functioning and what factors can be used to modify performance. The Behavior therapy recognizes the importance of the individual, the individual’s environment, and the interaction between the person and the environment in facilitating change. This concept is vividly presented in the beginning of the case. It speaks on how the behavior of Paraphilia coming from Reverend X got him referred to psychotherapy; How the Reverend thinks about his behavior, when and where the behavior happens. One, highlight that jump out to me in the clients current behavior was his lack of any remorse.

The second concept is Diverse Therapeutic Strategies that are distinctive approaches to treatment in helping the client with new choices to change. The client is not just talking about his or her condition. One is required to do something to bring about change, such as monitor oneself in session and out of session, do homework, learn and practice cope skills, and role play new behavior. I like this concept because its approach is not limited to talking, action must follow ones words. The case is titled by a diverse therapeutic strategy called Covert Sensitization. It is a form of behavior therapy in which an undesirable behavior is paired with an unpleasant image in order to eliminate that behavior. The concept of Diverse Therapeutic Strategies was apparent in...
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