Case Study 3

Topics: Culture, Popular culture, Globalization Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Princess Julagay

Camille Dizon
Bench Manalon
Natnat De Leon


1. Explain the appeal of characters like Hello Kitty to younger consumers in both Asia and the western economies, taking note of cultural and group influences.

Hello Kitty is a marketing phenomenon from the Japanese Company Sanrio. The Little white cat with no mouth was initially aimed at young girls but Hello kitty has found a much wider audience. I think Hello Kitty appeal unquestionably both Asia and the Western economies. A Google search for “Hello Kitty” yields more than 1.5 million results. It’s means Hello kitty popular in all over the world. Although drawing distinction between collectivist cultures like Japan and Asian countries, where group behaviour is norm, and individualistic ones like US and western countries, where people tend to do their own things, but people do not relate to brands as person in collectivist cultures. Hello Kitty popularity in terms of a need for social conformance there rather than as a response to an appealing brand personality. With the appeal of cuteness of and Japan’s design style gaining universal acceptance, the country now challenges the global supremacy of American and European popular culture. The characters have no discernible cultural features meaning that they can cross country and cultural boundaries with limited cultural baggage. Aspects of ‘kawaii’ culture can be seen in youth in other countries - trends, once picked up by significant reference group members, spread quite quickly, leading to high levels of market penetration

2. Explain why characters like Hello Kitty appeal to a broader audience in Asia? Do you think that Hello Kitty will be able to generate the same level of broad appeal in western countries?

In Asia, the appeal of Hello Kitty is not limited to younger consumers, as evidenced by the range of products available. Some authors have suggested that this phenomenon can be explained by the stress...
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