Case Study 2: Db - Technosoft Russia

Topics: Leadership, Employment, The Culture Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Case Study 2: DB - Technosoft Russia

1. What can Olga do to improve as a team leader?

a. From the poll, we observe that Olga is perceived as a person who is not approachable, authoritative and pushy. Olga should adapt the people focused leadership style and demonstrate some consideration towards her team members. Olga must take time to listen to concerns; get to know people in her Team socially etc. b. Olga has to ensure that the team meetings are not too formal, let that be very democratic, being participative & drive positive conversations c. Give TSRs’ the autonomy at work and the platform in the staff meetings to speak about their territory, customers, findings and sales results d. From the poll results of Olga it is clear that Olga has not communicated her mission and priorities to her Team Members clearly; further seeking their agreement to work towards the same. Olga should engage in honest discussions with her team to cascade her priorities clearly and take their support in achieving the objectives as a Team. e. Rather than being ignorant, Olga must be nimble and attempt to proactively anticipate any hidden social or emotional barriers that will penetrate the project-management workflow progress f. Olga must put efforts to learn, understand the Organization’s culture and its emphasis on the Organization Health Index (OHI). Olga should take Ivan’s help to get coached g. Olga must observe Ivan’s leadership style and take some lessons out of it.

2. What can Ivan do to help Olga improve her leadership skills?

Since there are already complains on Olga from the TSRS’ stating ‘Stupid’ call plans, unrealistic targets and Olga being constantly pushy, Ivan will have pay attention to details by analyzing the TSRs’ feedback on Olga and do the following…. a. I wish Ivan did this prior Olga joining Technosoft. Better late than never, Ivan should perform a cultural analysis on Olga to ascertain if Olga’s style of leadership suits the organization’s...
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